She is challenged to conceive platforms that will
pave ways for the key players—to integrate

Helena Abidin absolutely believes that

Personal Branding is the business model to

live a life of legacy. As a certified Personal

Branding Strategist, she dedicates her heart,

talent, and energy to work with entrepreneurs

and corporate executives to discover the

essence of their brand through creative works

and speaking forums.

With her passion, she inspires individuals to

believe in their potentials in building a profound

impact in career and life. Confide confidentially:

whether it is your personal life story, dreams, or

drives, Helena Abidin is the person to

trust to walk the journey of achieving authentic and

powerful personal brand.

Helena Abidin, honored to be awarded with

2015 Most Inspiring Woman (SKII and Harper’s Bazaar

Indonesia) and 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

(Autobild Indonesia), has been heralded for years of

experience in Communications, Brand Building,

Corporate Reputation and Personal

Development—leading to her current position as

the Marketing Director of a European luxury

automobile brand in Indonesia.